Give props for people who do any art on the computer all the time!!

So tonight, I finally attempt for my first time ever to draw on the computer. One thing about myself, I love to draw.. I wanted to do art as a major but sadly, with the economy these days, it would be hard for me to get a job or get money in the future so I decided something else for my major. I was drawing since I was little and it’s also therapeutic for me. So, I am always used to draw with a pencil and paper.. so today, I decided to challenge myself to draw something because I just recently downloaded Sketchbook Express program onto my mac and I wanted to explore the program. While doing this, I wished I had a mouse or a tablet so it could be easier.. but I used my touchpad not counting that my right wrist is hurting me now

Took me hours to do, but this is my first attempt. What you think?